What is Estill Voice Training? 

  • Jo Estill (a Speech Pathologist), took an extremely detailed look at all parts of the human vocal anatomy, and engineered a singing and phonation (talking) technique called The Estill Voice Model. Estill Voice Training is all about finding a new way to use your voice. Experience 'Figures for Voice' = exercises for vocal freedom - and apply the insights you gain to create new vocal colours. Discover the Six Voice Qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belt - and enable you to re-energize and renew your voice. 
Who is it for? 
  • Actors, Musical Theatre performers, Business and Executive Speakers, Athletic Coaches and Fitness Instructors, Singers and Singing Teachers, Choral Conductors, School Teachers, Speech Language Therapists and anyone who uses their voice! 

Lorraine teaches students online for a wider reach and where possible in Wiltshire and East Sussex. She also works with Speech and Language Therapists helping them to understand more about Estill Voice Training. 


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Estill Voice Training figures in a flash cards
Picture of Lorraine Mahoney with VoicePrint program on laptop