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Born and raised in a little village in Holland, Bram was primarily trained as a clarinetist. It made sense that he would do his professional education on Clarinet and Conducting. That’s how he got his BMus Degree in 2009. 
But during these studies he found his (actually not so) hidden passion: Singing/Musical Theatre. So after finishing these studies, he went back to Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg, where he got his Musical Theatre BMus Degree in 2014. During and after this study Bram performed in several professional Dutch musicals, while developing as a singer (by just proceeding having lessons) and singing teacher.
That’s how Estill Vocal Training System came on his path and in his system, and why he decided to do the Estill Master Pathway with Charlotte Xerri (London). Bram is an Estill Master Trainer since October 2021
These days Bram is mainly working as a singing teacher, providing coaching to amateurs, professionals (He is working as teacher Vocal Technique at Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts) and everyone on any level in between.
Originally trained (so most experience gained) in the Musical Theatre genre, Bram has a wide variety of music genres.

What can Bram do for you? Think of the following:
- 121 lessons on both interpretation and technique
- Group sessions on both technique and interpretation
- Introduction sessions on Estill Vocal Training System
- Team building sessions
- Audition Training”

What people say about Bram:
Bram is fun
Bram made it his challenge to find solution for really every vocal problem
Bram is Playing Around with us, so much fun that you almost forget that you are learning
Bram listens very well, to my singing, to my singing story, and to my personal story. Integration of these three makes Bram a “ Total Teacher” 

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