Melanie Stoner - Estill Master Trainer

As a Singing Teacher and Voice Coach, I offer training for singers and speakers who want to learn how to get the best out of their voice, for professional or personal gain.  

An Estill Master Trainer, I am not biased towards a particular style of voicing - my job is to find out what you want to do with your voice, and work with you to develop a toolkit of choices to enable that.   

Depending on your requirements, sessions may include:

• Fundamentals of good singing technical skills and vocal health

• Vocal phrasing

• Support and posture 

• Preparing a song for auditions or performance

• Guidance on different genres, including pop, opera, rock and musical theatre

• Putting technique into context of a sung piece

• Extending your range

• Tone and volume

• Stamina

• Setting tasks that you can complete at home

• Help choosing keys that best suit your voice


Specialties: Singing, Speaking

Languages: English

Phone: 07799472341


Photo of Mel Stoner
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